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Chayneeka's Story

Architect, designer, and artist, Chayneeka has always been a creative at heart, throughout her career; she is continuously drawn to and inspired by interior design, beautiful spaces and objects. Her career path has taken her on a spontaneous journey, after four years in corporate & retail architectural industry; she made the bold decision to start up her own interior design studio.  With an eye for detail and a focus on creating spaces that look authentic, she is now venturing out to follow her passion for interior design and use her artistic and architectural vision to create dynamic interior spaces.

She is passionate about creating innovative and beautiful spaces to inspire people and create a sanctuary for them. As an accredited Green Building Council professional for interiors, she has a sensitive approach to designing sustainable spaces and believes that sustainability and nature in any project is key to ensuring that spaces are healthy and innovative to live, work and play in.


'Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance' Coco Chanel



M.ARCH PROF ( Masters in Architecture WITS )

GBCSA: Green Star SA Accredited Professional for New Buildings and Interiors

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